Digital Industry USA


Where Why Becomes How

Digital Industry USA is the only event dedicated to guiding you step by step through adopting connected technologies to improve your operations. The unique education meets you where you are—whether you’re an Observer, Early Adopter, or Innovator—and then levels up your learning to bring your business into the connected world. 


If you know IIoT is here to stay but aren’t sure the benefits outweigh the risk, you’re an Observer. Here, you’ll ensure your digital strategy aligns with your business objectives and learn how to start updating your legacy systems.

Early Adopter

If you’ve begun integration or are working toward financing, you’re an Early Adopter. Find out what’s next in sensors, remote access, and network capabilities to keep your plant evolving.

Advanced Innovator

If you’ve been on the leading edge from the start but want to take the next step or make sure your employees are fully trained, you’re an Advanced Innovator. Explore VR/AR and emerging technologies to optimize your processes and training.

Learning Labs

Customize your education in 20-minute sessions and 45-minute expert panels. In our six Learning Labs, we’ll show you not just why, but how cobots, digital twins, security, IT solutions, and more can help you improve manufacturing quality and efficiency, forecast production accurately, reduce labor and overhead costs, and respond quickly to changing consumer demands.

You’ll learn hands-on with experts in six Technology Hubs on the exhibit floor:

Data Analytics & Cloud
Production Efficiency
Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing
Robots / Cobots
AI & Intelligent Machines

Educational Partners