Digital Industry USA

Executive Conference

How to Design and Implement Digital Transformation Strategies

In partnership with ARC Advisory Group and the Digital Transformation Council

With industrial digital transformation, strategic-level "wishes" often get pushed downhill to operations to carry out, without an understanding of the process, technological, and cultural realities preventing success. Or, there is some type of "dip the toe(s) in the water" operational execution with limited guiding perspective of enterprise-level considerations or reasonable expectations for scale. With no bridge between strategy and execution, digital transformation often remains limited in terms of scope, ROI, and sustainability. Is there a better process for designing a digital transformation roadmap and ensuring it is correctly executed?

Join ARC Advisory Group and the Digital Transformation Council at Digital Industry USA for a half-day Digital Transformation Planning and Roadmap Workshop where attendees will learn how to:

  • Assess the organization’s capacity to transform, including pinpointing gaps and level-setting expectations
  • Build a framework for identifying and prioritizing activities, as well as determining available technology pathways that might apply
  • Create an execution plan that connects strategy to tactics, eliminating barriers that limit pilots and scale

Who should attend: 

This workshop is for executives within manufacturing companies who are responsible for and engaged in strategic planning associated with digital transformation and Industry 4.0. Attendees of the workshop include chief digital officers and other C-suite executives, general managers, plant managers, operational excellence executives, vice presidents and directors of strategy, planning and innovation, as well as those leading digital transformation teams within a manufacturing company.


Registration and Breakfast

Session: It’s a Process - Discover the basics of how to successfully navigate the Digital Transformation process

Session: Organizational Assessment - Learn how to use an assessment tool in your organization

Session: Action Paths - Learn a powerful technique to prioritize and define the way forward

Session: Let's Get Real - Practice ranking initiatives, aligning with business strategies, and selecting technologies

Session: The Execution Plan - Learn how to create a digital transformation execution plan and avoid pitfalls such as Proof of Concept and Scale traps


Networking Luncheon

Event Partner

ARC Advisory Group

Established by the ARC Advisory Group, The Digital Transformation Council is a collaborative technology end-user organization of industry, energy, and public sector owner/operator professionals. Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry, infrastructure, and cities.