Digital Industry USA

Digital Industry USA Creates a Personalized Experience for Attendees

Digital Industry USA Creates a Personalized Experience for Attendees

For the inaugural edition of Digital Industry USA, each session in the education track is going to be assigned one of three classifications: Observer, Early Adopter, or Innovator. As I mentioned in a previous blog, this unique, personalized experience is designed to meet your specific requirements, with each session being assigned one of these three labels. When creating your personalized schedule, you can decide if you want to follow a single track or ‘level up’, attending other sessions.

During the registration process, you will be asked to self-identify using these three categories:

  • Observer: If you know IIoT is here to stay but aren’t sure the benefits outweigh the risks, you’re an Observer. By following this track, you’ll ensure your digital strategy aligns with your business objectives and learn how to start updating your legacy systems.
  • Early Adopter: If you’ve begun integration or are working toward financing, you’re an Early Adopter. In the sessions, you will find out what’s next in sensors, remote access, and network capabilities to keep your plant evolving.
  • Advanced Innovator: If you’ve been on the leading edge from the start but want to take the next step or make sure your employees are fully trained, you’re an Advanced Innovator. Explore VR/AR and emerging technologies to optimize your processes and training in this track.

The designation that you choose will also be printed on your event badge. This will maximize the networking experience, allowing you to seek out attendees based on their specific industry and/or level of expertise.

Stay tuned for future blogs where we’ll be providing more information about other innovations planned for Digital Industry USA.


Adrienne Zepeda leads the team responsible for North American industrial technology events at Hannover Fairs USA. Based in Chicago, she has nearly 15 years of event management experience, with a background in marketing, brand development, and operations. For additional information about Digital Industry USA, visit or contact Adrienne at USA.