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Create an agile, connected business with the individualized education, resources, and relationships you find here.

Smart manufacturers are automating machines and processes to improve operational efficiency and compliance, reduce overhead costs, and deliver the products consumers want. If you’ve been standing still on implementing IIoT into your business, you’re getting left behind. Transform why into how at Digital Industry USA, and gain the competitive advantage with a growing, agile business.  

No matter what step you need to take for your operations, Digital Industry USA will help you level up. This is where: 

Data Scientists
Software Developers
Procurement Managers

IT Professionals
Plant and Operations Managers
Cyber Intelligence Specialists

… and more will be to make sure their businesses don’t just survive but thrive.

Whatever level of IIoT integration your business is at, or if you’re just ready to get started, Digital Industry USA provides an individualized education in everything from big data, cobots and digital twins to cybersecurity and IT solutions, and the opportunity to build valuable relationships with peers and industry experts to move your business full steam ahead.

See how your industry is advancing with innovative IIoT solutions.


Bring your products to market faster with a network that enables the shop floor to share real-time data with the development team. Reduce costs in your design and ideation process with applied analytics. And take advantage of in-vehicle components to track defects and deliver the features your customers want.

Aerospace and Defense

Reduce ground time and implement efficient preventive maintenance with data collection. Use predictive AI to lower emissions and fuel requirements. You can also increase data transmission speeds and satisfy passenger demand for a seamless in-flight experience.

Machinery and Equipment

Predict why and when a system will fail and bring safety incidents and breakdowns to zero. Increase internal collaboration among multiple departments with digital twins, machine learning and augmented reality. Reduce staff requirements on the shop floor through automation and remote access to operations.

Energy/Oil and Gas

Gain an enterprise view of far-reaching assets to appropriately allocate resources for maintenance and downtime and reduce your risk of environmental accidents. You can also increase your hiring pool for off-shore locations with remote access to systems.

Food and Beverage

Deliver customer orders on time and in full with a connected system that predicts product quality issues, and improve quality control and productivity with digitized clean-in-place procedures and documentation. You can also use simulation technology to perform operator training and validate design performance.

Packaging and Assembly

Easily respond to market opportunities with an agile system that can create short runs of customized labels and products, plus leverage automatic data collection and analysis to eliminate waste without waiting until the end of each shift.

Science Lab Equipment

Share streams of data directly from instruments and among distant teams, and get notified when connected instruments are out of calibration to reduce waste and improve lab safety and efficiency. New technology is also improving reproducible research across scientific fields.


Identify products at every link in the supply chain to reduce bottlenecks and ease shipping. Connect dozens of moving parts and variables in an instant to perfect the last mile and anticipate future demand. And decrease your environmental impact to stay ahead of government regulations.

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No matter where your business is in IIoT, Digital Industry USA will help you level up.