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Welcome to Louisville

DIGITAL INDUSTRY USA is proud to welcome you to Louisville!

The #1 City for Manufacturing!

Since 2011, manufacturing employment in the Louisville-area has grown 30.2 percent, bringing the employment total to 83,300 jobs, representing 12.41 percent of jobs in the local economy. Louisville continues to be a place where locally grown manufacturers can establish themselves as global competitors. 

“Louisville continues to lead the way with our long-standing tradition of excellence in manufacturing. And that tradition provides the foundation necessary to be a global leader as we shift into a new era of flexible, advanced manufacturing"

-Mayor Greg Fischer

Bourbon is a spirit that comes in a glass, but it’s also a spirit that defines the culture and energy of Louisville, Kentucky - a city that combines heritage with innovation and authenticity with originality in a way that is completely unique. More information about distillery tours (with IIOT integration!) at DIGITAL INDUSTRY USA will be available May 2020.

Louisville just completed a $1 billion transformation of the Kentucky International Convention Center (KICC). Not only is Louisville home to a brand new convention center, they are also home to a world-renowned culinary scene, countless Bourbon distilleries, and cocktail destinations and endless authentic cultural experiences.

Louisville is home to more than 100 hotels and 20,000 rooms in the metro area, from boutique to budget-friendly. We’ve worked to secure the best rates in the city for your stay during DIGITAL INDUSTRY USA. More information will be available May 2020.